10 years is a long time. This band has become a family and we couldn’t imagine celebrating this milestone with anyone else. Through major and minor triumphs and through days we hopelessly try to forget, we are more together now than we’ve ever been and are so thankful that you’ve decided to lend us your ears, yet again. 

This is a record about reflection. This is a record about growing. This is a record about acceptance.

Please enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Written and produced by Amos the Transparent

Recorded at the Shoebox Recording Studio and Mixed by Jonathan Chandler.

Additional engineering by Bryan Ruckstuhl

Mastered by Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering

“Someone I Used To Know” was written with Carleigh Aikins

Amos the Transparent gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the City of Ottawa.

Pedal Steel on “It’s Only Getting Better” by Al Bragg

Organ on “It’s Only Getting Better” by Tyler Kealey

Trumpet on "I'm Going To Make You Cry" and "Troublemaker" by JF Beauchamp


I’m Going To Make You Cry


Then Came The War

Change My Mind


Someone I Used To Know

It’s Only Getting Better

I Saw a Ghost


Over and Over